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The McConnell Group is a consulting and advocacy firm. We represent major Bay Area businesses before legislative bodies and administrative agencies.


For more than 30 years, we have helped our clients successfully navigate their way through complex laws, regulations, and difficult political issues. We create effective strategies that promote the interests of our clients while taking into consideration the political climate in which Bay Area businesses operate. 

We provide strategic and tactical advice on policy and political issues that affect business interests.

We lobby legislative bodies, executive agencies, boards and commissions, and promote our clients in various media and public forums.

We have established an outstanding network of attorneys, pollsters, political consultants, and media professionals which we can quickly assemble as a team should the need arise.


We maintain open and honest relationships with elected and
government officials. Policy makers look to us as a resource
when they consider legislative solutions to complicated issues.


The McConnell Group limits our clientele to business leaders and trade associations so that we can focus our work on major impact issues. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance for your business or trade association in the Bay Area.

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